General health/fitness apps

  1. Apple ‘Health’ App

This in-built free application is a simple way to track your basic daily activity. It also for a convenient and accessible platform to easily record your medical details and keep tarck of you heart rate, blood pressure, blood type along with other test results.

  • Tracks walking, running distance, steps, & stairs climbed
  • Tracks sleep
  • Record body measurements
  • Recommendations for Apple apps related to activity, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep

Cost: Free

  1. Pacer pedometer & step tracker

This application is a useful way to ensure you are meeting your recommended daily step count of 10,000. If you are wanting to get your fitness on track then this is a simple and easy place to start.

  • Device friendly: connects with MyFitness Pal, Apple Health & Apple watch
  • Records steps, calories, distance and active time
  • Can use GPS to track outdoor running, walking & riding on a map
  • Tracks weight & BMI

Cost: Free / Subscription – $4.99 p/month or $29.99 p/year

  1. Fitbit

Stay on top of your FitBit activity and easily track your progress with this app. This app offers a simple visual display to check in with your daily activity and see if you have met your goals, as recorded on your FitBit device.

  • Device friendly: connects with FitBit
  • Activity/exercise & weight management
  • Track steps, runs, sleep
  • Monitors HR

Cost: Free

Running apps

  1. ADVANCED – Runkeeper – GPS running

 If you are a seasoned runner or want to take your running to the next step then this app is a great way of tracking your progress and setting new and challenging running goals.

  • Device friendly: connects with FitBit, HR monitor & Apple watch
  • Records running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation, calorie burn
  • See location route on maps
  • Pre-plan desired running maps
  • Receive updated cadence trends and steps for each run

Cost: Free / Subscription – $9.99 p/month or $39.99 p/year

  1. ADVANCED – Nike + Run Club

This editors’choice aware app offers an easy to use platform to track the details of your runs. With weekly and monthly distance challenges, this app offers may be the motivation you need to keep running and testing yourself.

  • Device friendly: connects with Apple Health & Apple watch
  • Records pace, distance, elevation, HR, mile splits for all runs
  • Guided audio runs – coaching component

Cost: Free

  1. ADVANCED – Strava – running & cycling GPS

This editors’choice app helps you to stay active and motivates you to reach your fitness goals. Strava offers you a platform to analyse all of your training stats to stay on top of your running and cycling performance.

  • Device friendly: connects with Apple watch, most GPS watches, cycling computers, activity trackers & HR monitors
  • Tracks all rides & runs
  • Performance analysis
  • Maps your activity
  • Provides monthly challenges

Cost: Free

  1. ADVANCED – Map my run

Map my run offers you a simple way to record the statistics of all of your runs. You can keep track of your favourite running routes and your personal bests to improve your performance and keep working towards your fitness and running goals.

  • Device friendly: connects with FitBit, Garmin, Apple Health & Apple watch
  • Connects to my FitnessPal to manage nutrition and track calorie intake & burn
  • Connects with certain running shoes with ‘Gear Tracker’
  • Use ‘routes’ to find new places to run & save favourite tracks
  • Records pace, distance, route, calories & elevation
  • Provides workout summaries to track progress
  • Monitors HR zones
  • Premium features: Training plans to reach goals eg. 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon

Cost: Free / Subscription – USD $5.99 p/month or $29.99 p/month

  1. BEGINNER – C25K 5K Trainer

This app is the ideal way to gradually introduce exercise into your daily lifestyle in an achievable and maintainable way.

  • Device friendly: Connects to My FitnessPal & GPS support
  • Gradually introduction of walking and running to build up strength and stamina over 8 weeks
  • Offers workouts for 30minutes of exercise a day, 3x per week over 8 weeks
  • Records workout calories and distance & progress

Cost: Free


  1. Zova

This editors’ choice award app provides a weekly exercise program, with 3 new workouts on offer each week. Daily tips for healthy living advice are also available to help you meet your health goals.

  • Device friendly: connects with Apple watch
  • Offers weekly 10 minute workouts
  • Stretch & yoga sequences
  • Records steps, distance walked/run, stairs climbed, calories
  • Times & maps runs

Cost: Free / Subscription – $59.99 p/year

2. Daily Yoga

“Best Yoga App” of the year 2014 – 2018 as voted by Healthline. This popular mobile yoga studio app offers beginners the ability to learn the basics with step by step instructions or challenge your skills for those more advanced.

  • 500+ asanas
  • 200+ guided yoga classes
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • 50+ workout plans
  • Beginner to masters classes
  • Step by step instructions to guide sessions

Cost: Free / Subscription – $12.99 p/month or $39.99 p/ year

3Seconds Interval Timer

This app allows you to make custom timers to suit your interval training needs. With a clear display you can track your high and low intensity splits while on the run or opt for verbal & tone prompts throughout to keep you focused on your running.

  • Device friendly: Connects to Apple Watch
  • Templates for HIIT, Tabata, circuit training
  • Inbuilt exercise programs with set rests
  • Custom timers for personalised intervals
  • Cadence beeps

Cost: Free / Subscription – Pro version $7.99