We continue to offer dedicated Pilates programs at our Condon Street studio. We have more equipment available and are better equipped to offer Pilates programs. We continue to cater for those rehabilitating from injury, however we now have classes pitched at higher levels for those looking to strengthen for performance.

Robina Saunders, Pilates Instructor leads our programs and is offering

• Individualised 1:1 equipment-based Pilates studio sessions – 30 min ($50)
o Goal developed program
o Personalised session using Pilates equipment – including reformers & trapeze

• Mat-work Pilates classes – 45 min ($15 pp)
o Small classes in our studio room
o Challenging sessions, using Pilates techniques to help build core control and postural endurance

• Reformer Pilates classes – 45 min ($30 pp, max 4/class)
o Enjoyable and challenging
o Suitable for all, including those wanting a higher-level session to build their core stability for optimal performance.

Due to recent changes in private health insurance, these classes are not eligible for rebate but have been priced to reflect a competitive and cost-effective option. We strongly believe that our client’s health will benefit in the long term by staying strong through the spine, pelvis and core.

Additionally we continue to offer physiotherapist-led programs, which attract health insurance rebates for those with physio extras:

Core Control – Physio-led group, using Pilates principals as well as functional strengthening and adaption to meet therapeutic goals developed with the physiotherapist.

Studio Physio – previously known as Clinical Pilates, our physiotherapists assess and create exercise-based solutions. Assessment with the physiotherapist helps identify the dysfunctional movement and delivers exercise in a therapeutic model to re-establish function and strength and eliminating pain. These sessions are delivered in both individual and group sessions.