Dry Needling is a specialized soft tissue technique which involves the use of fine acupuncture needles to release myofascial trigger points in muscles and fascia. It is an extremely effective technique for a wide range of pain syndromes.

At Fusion we are credentialled in the Dry Needling technique and often use it in conjunction with other modes of therapy.  Our Physiotherapists are highly trained to assess these trigger points, as well as their causal factors, in order to create long term pain relief.  You will be taught how to treat these points yourself, as well as ways to prevent them from returning.

Myofascial trigger points are tender points (or knots) in the muscles which are capable of causing referred pain to another part of the body.  This pain is often vague and difficult to describe.

Common pain syndromes such as headaches and neck pain, shoulder and arm pain as well as lower back and leg pain (or 'sciatica') are often caused by these trigger points.  Treatment can include the use of dry needling, soft tissue massage, stretches and strengthening to alleviate the pain