New Clinical Exercise Studio Now Open in Condon Street

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We have now opened our brand new, state of the art clinical exercise studio at 123 Condon Street as we expand our health and wellbeing services. Recognised as leaders and innovators in the physiotherapy and exercise recovery field, the Fusion team will provide the most advanced physiotherapy, Pilates and injury recovery combination studio in the Bendigo region. Fusion Physiotherapy owners, …

Ideal computer workstation set up

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Are you experiencing neck and shoulder pains? Do you spend prolonged periods at your computer? Have you checked your work station set up recently? Most of us spend hours at our desk every day, for this reason it is important to create a supportive ergonomic work station to protect our health. Prolonged sitting at a desk or computer, with poor …

Work can be a pain in the neck!

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It might be time to increase your body awareness to help you reduce your pain! Sitting all day at work may be the culprit of your daily neck and backaches. With most jobs now requiring long hours working at a desk, as a society, our sitting time has significantly increased over the years. The Australian Department of Health found that …

Dealing with the dreaded “Hammy”

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One of the most common injuries in sport is the hamstring strain, as the hamstring muscles are very susceptible to tears and strains in those sports that demand speed and agility. It is the most common injury in AFL and the dreaded ‘ping’ of the hammy has shortened many seasons and even careers. The ‘hamstring’ is actually a group of …

Vertigo & Dizziness

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‘Vertigo’ is not a diagnosis. Just like back pain may have many causes, there may be many reasons that someone experiences vertigo. Some of these include Inner ear problems, blood vessel disorders or cervicogenic (neck related) issues.

Prevent Running Injuries

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Running is an ever popular form of exercise, but the runs aren’t always ‘fun’ especially when pain or injury rears its head. At Fusion, we commonly see lower limb injuries in frustrated runners wanting to be out there pounding the pavement. Niemuth, P. E., Johnson, R. J., Myers, M. J., & Thieman, T. J. (2005). Hip muscle weakness and overuse …

Preventing Injury – Pre-season & Beyond

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by James Thomas, Physiotherapist With pre-season training for winter sports now in full swing and school sports starting for many, now is the perfect time to build a good injury prevention program, to enable your best, injury free performance throughout the season.

How to become a strong runner

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Author: Jane McCaig, Exercise Physiologist Strength training is an often-overlooked aspect of a running training program. But, the benefits of strength training cannot be understated. Enhanced leg strength can improve your running performance, protect you from injury and improve your recovery – and lets be honest, most runners can afford to improve in at least one, if not all, of these …

Preparation is the Key

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Author: Josh Naunton, Physiotherapist Only twelve weeks to go until this year’s Fun Run. Now is the perfect time to jump off the couch and start running towards your goals. Whether you’re contemplating the 5km run/walk, 10km run, or looking to impress by conquering 15km, it’s important to put in some preparation to get over the finish line. Working out …