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Our new purpose-built facility helps deliver a suite of existing and new services. This active rehabilitation and use of therapeutic exercise is the future of physiotherapy. Well-supervised adaptable program development comes from deeper knowledge base. There are options to suit everyone’s requirement.


Work with the experts and become more efficient and effective with your health goals. We now offer individualised appointments and group sessions

  • Supervised by Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists
  • Rebatable with Private Health Insurance
  • Suitable and adaptable for people with medical history (ie. CVD, Diabetes)
  • NDIS registered

Formerly Clinical Pilates, our trained physiotherapist utilise corrective stability and postural control exercises to assist with recovery from spinal and peripheral injury and pain.

  • Movement correction and facilitation
  • Spinal and peripheral stability and movement re-training
  • Equipment based therapy – use of reformer, trapeze, functional trainer
CORE CONTROL (Physio Group)

Our physiotherapist still offer the popular group based Pilates and Core stability class. Individually tailored to challenge each participant and assist with achieving their goals.

  • Matwork group class
  • Core stability, deep muscle activation, includes some Pilates concepts
  • Education and postural retraining
  • Eligible for PHI rebates.
PILATES (Pilates Instructor)

Robina Saunders leads our Pilates classes; a challenging and enjoyable approach to achieving movement control, stability and controlled flexibility

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Specialised Reformer Classes (small groups)
  • Matwork sessions

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GLA:D (Physio Group)

Our physiotherapists are running internationally reknown program Good Living with Osteoarthritis (hip/knee OA)

  • Closely supervised, evidence based program shown to reduce the symptoms and limitations of arthritis
  • Research driven education and exercise program
  • Strength & Neuromuscular control

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Another evidence based conditioning program aimed at maximising the health benefits of exercise and improving the body's control of Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Cardio & Resistance based training
  • Well supervised and progressive challenges
  • Adaptable to varying levels
  • Medicare funding available

A Physiotherapist-led modified version of Tai Chi. Offering adaptable sessions suitable for all levels of mobility.

  • Movement facilitation of fluent and balanced patterns.
  • Improves Balance and movement control
  • Meditation & Breathing awareness
REHABILITATION (Physiotherapy)

Our new environment provides our therapists and you, the tools to facilitate full recovery from injury and intervention. Achieving your full potential safely and efficiently.

  • Post-surgical & Post-injury
  • Strengthening
  • Dynamic activation
  • Return to sport preparation
  • Injury prevention