Group Matwork PhysioPILATES

PhysioPILATES is an intelligent form of exercise which uses both your mind and body, and is taught by our expert physiotherapists.



Our Matwork PhysioPILATES are a fun, safe and effective way to help you on the road to recovery , or prevent you from taking that path in the first place.

The benefits of Matwork PhysioPILATES are numerous:

  • Spinal and joint stabilisation
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Reduced pain eg. low back, neck and shoulder
  • Improved postural support and movement awareness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced performance of activities of daily life and sporting endeavors
  • Safe, effective and low impact
We offer Group Matwork classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience, and the opportunity for progression from our Essential Series to the more advanced Intermediate Classes.  All of our classes are held at our specialised Clinical Exercise Studio.


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