Do you spin or the world around you at times?
Do you get dizzy when you lie down or roll over in bed?
Is your vertigo provoked by movement? Then it’s likely that we can help.

Vertigo, dizziness, and imbalance can be caused by a range of different issues. We can assess,
diagnose, and treat the underlying problem. Most commonly, your vertigo is eliminated on the first
session. Where appropriate we will work with your GP and specialist to make sure that you get the
very best treatment.

Often these symptoms are due to a type of vestibular dysfunction. Vestibular rehabilitation is a
specialised component of physiotherapy focussed on activating the vestibular parts of your inner
ear, central nervous system, and reflexes. Targeted treatment encourages the body to adapt, leading
to symptom resolution and improved balance.

Dan English has been providing vestibular physiotherapy since 2009, has taught the subject to
physiotherapy students and other physios, and now is conducting research in the field (link is a common complaint of people seeking health care. Symptoms are often dismissed as a side-effect of medical problems such as low blood pressure. However, a frequent cause of dizziness is inner ear (vestibular) dysfunction, which can be managed effectively with trained physiotherapists.