Sports Injury

Elite sports teams will often do anything to get that edge – that’s why they use physiotherapists to help manage their bodies. Don’t miss out – you can benefit from our skills too.

If you want to get back on the field as quickly as possible then it is important to get a correct diagnosis from experienced practitioners with special interests in sports physio, biomechanics and injury management. You’ll want the latest in treatment approaches but you’ll also need to know what you can do, timelines, alternate training programs, correction of technique, communication with coaches.

Our physios understand the demands to return to the field quickly as possible but won’t compromise your best interests and can help work with you to protect you from further injury. This might even involve an important off-season conditioning program.

Fusion are the providers of physiotherapy to the Bendigo Academy of Sport. We are positioned to provide talented athletes with specific musculoskeletal screening thereby preventing injury and optimising performance.