At Fusion we strive to listen and understand the nature of your complaint and we work with you to tailor the right approach to your recovery. By the end of your first session you will have a better understanding about what is going on, what we (and you) can do to fix it and how long that may take. Good communication ensures you are actively involved in getting you better.


We’ve brought together an elite team of physios with a wide range of specialties, interests and experiences. As a general practice we have a broad understanding of most musculoskeletal issues but we will hone in on your specific problem, tailoring our approach and expectations according to your ambitions, age and goals. Our clients vary from 5 to 95 years of age and from elite sportspeople through to weekend warriors.


Our practitioners are experienced and qualified to provide specific assessment and diagnosis of all sports injuries. We stand out from the pack through our Strength & Conditioning programs for optimal performance. Our physios and exercise physiologists can work with you assisting efficient return to sport. They can also liaise with coaching & training staff to help guide appropriate and successful return to sport, preventive injury programs or pre-season conditioning.


Fusion works closely with Employers to maximise their employee’s chance of successful return to work. We work directly with Employers to pro-actively manage their working environment and assisting identifying OH&S risks. This also allows our practitioners to have familiarity with the workplace demands and the key personnel in that company that they need to work with to ensure successful healthy and employees.


Fusion works closely with medical clinics, rehabilitation services and specialists to ensure each client has coordinated and professional care. We aim to make life easier for both the client and our referrers by offering excellent communication.